there will always be
someone to hurt you.
someone to laugh at your
excited stumbling
to gaze up
at the sky in a
god help me
to stop you,
impatiently –
whoa, okay,
to crystallise
your fears and
but who are they
to do it?
who are they
to take away from you
your breathless
fire and
who are they
to keep you firmly
down on earth
because they’re afraid
of space?
who are they
to tell you
you aren’t so
wonderfully beautiful
when your eyes
are filled with carnival
lights that way?
they are just
not allowed,
anymore. I am
enraptured by your
voice, smile
when you’re asked
about – stamps –
cars, vintage films –
gardening, chess,
mountains, mice, your
children – books –
watercolour –
planets. tell me
everything you love,
I love to see
your animation.
never lose that
rare intensity,
promise me
if you are passionate
sing it to the world.
scream and laugh
because your fervour
is infectious.
sing every note the way
you want to sing it
and never again fear
the applause – or –
no applause –
that follows. believe
me, you are so
incredibly worth applauding,
but there will
always be someone to hurt you.
don’t you dwell on it;
it is only because
they are blinded
by your radiance,
and it hurts
them right

Written for this prompt
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